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Nagaland Land record

The Nagaland Government or GoN (government of Nagaland) envisage to execute  the modernization in the State.  To implement this, the government is in the process of launching of e-governance in the Nagaland state. Click Here to Get… online land records in Rajasthan

RAJASTHAN, India’s largest state by area wise with 342.239 sq. km or 10.4% of India’s total area.  It is located on the western part of the country, mostly covered with  Thar Desert which is also know as the ‘Great Indian Desert’. … Land Records Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is located on the Northern Part of India. Lucknow is the capital of the state. It is the most populous state in the Country. Hindi is the official language of the state. Uttar Pradesh has 18 divisions and is divided into 75…