e-Dhara Revenue Department online Land Record in Gujarat anyror.gujarat.gov.in


Gujarat, a state in the north east of India with an area of 75,755 sq. m. Gandhinagar is the Capital and Ahmadabad is the largest city in Gujarat.

Land which provide food to every people, provide job and essential for various legal purposes like Land Revenue, collection of tax and also required for various purposes.

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NOTE – This Website Data is Shifted in www.onlinelandrecord.com. For more information and help please contact to OLR Team!

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  1. mahavir sinh jadeja says

    I like this

  2. Mahomed Sid Saley says

    As a NRI born in South Africa with my both my late parents born in Samrod India,the RoR on http://www.anyror.gujarat.gov.nic has been a help in tracing the land ownership of my grandfather and other family in India.It has helped in making contact with family i did no existed.Only wish that older records dating back from 1900 were also available on the internet.Thank You

  3. dipak patel says


  4. pragnesh mandalia says


  5. Nayna ratilal says

    I like very much

  6. Jignesh says

    What is khata number,,,how can I get my khata number

  7. tushar trivedi says

    i like this

  8. parkash Patel says

    I Iike This Site to who search the 7/12 na utara

  9. narendrabhai patel says

    i wish older records dating back from 1900 to 2014 were also available on the internet ?

    1. arjun says

      your old land record avel. bu onliy 10 year old
      about 10 year record avelibal on your villages talati mantri

  10. Alpesh Patel says

    This all information are nice one, farmer has no need to go elsewhere or to stand in queue if they have this site.
    I appreciate Gujarat government because all credit goes to Gujarat government.

  11. lakum dharmendra says

    Khara bani mahiti mate

    1. arjun says

      kharabani mahiti pan aamaj uplabdh chhe bhai

  12. harshad bhut says

    Not easy to see 7/12 8-a

  13. Manoj sharma says

    how can get my khata number &7/12 copy ?

    1. arjun says

      your khata number avelibal on your panipatra

  14. Malek Rafik Bhai says

    The site is commendable. It will be so much helpful to retired Army Personnel to find any assistance from Government regarding Sri Sarkar land allotted for cultivation, new constructed Govt shops, residence plots on compassionate rate and every scheme that gives benefits are made available in this site on separate head on Gujarati Ex-servicemen.

    Hope favourable reply from your side will appreciate me.

    Thanking you sir,

  15. paresh thakor says

    I like this

  16. Randhir S Ghadge says

    please give me my vada no 70 Map to know whrere is my vada your talati Mr.Babubhai said that no record in our office i know that Mr. Babubhai give me wrong information where is vada register my vada i not gamtal simtal that is from gaikwadi land so why information not availabel in your talati in Surat Jillha Mangrol taluka lavet please reply

    1. arjun says

      tamar vada no 7 number no utaaro kaadho tema tamar vada no nakso mali jaase

  17. janak says

    I Like this …. There is software like this for gujarat….

    1. Manager says

      Dear Sir You can check your information online using the above website