edistrict.tn.gov.in How to get the details and view the details of Patta/Chitta Copy and A-Register Extract


You can view the details of your land record without wasting your so much time or a whole day.  Now the Tamil Nadu Government make the easier way for the citizen to look into the details of your land record.


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  1. Mudaswer sk says

    I wish to know that who is the owner of this land? The plot no of this land is 2282.

  2. vasanth says

    Dear sir,

    my land is 87 years old, I have check this online e service land details as not shown. kindly let me know the how it check in my land details.


  3. Divakar says

    I want to buy commercial land

  4. shabbir says

    i am from BIHAR i dont have any paper of agricultre land . As per Maharashtra Regulatory Act 1956 if any person want to become buyer “Agriculture Land” then that person must be agriculturalist who is holding “Agriculture land” or Farmer’s Certificate”. If you won’t have this then legally i can’t purchase .
    i want purchase agricultur in maharastra , where i found Farmer’s Certificate or 7/12 paper. pls suggase me. thanks